St Pierre Products

America’s Favorite
Brioche Brand*

Meatball Marinara Burgers

Also voted the nation’s favourite brioche in the UK**, St Pierre
brings a touch of Paris to consumers’ everyday lives across the world.

A Taste Of Paris In Every Bite

Eiffel Tower Landscape

At St Pierre, we’ve spent years exploring the greatest Parisian patisseries and hidden gem bakeries. We’ve uncovered the most authentic recipes, finest ingredients and best baking methods to produce the most irresistible products. Making everyday magnifique! With our heart in Paris, we bring the flavours and textures of French bakery to customers around the world. Six centuries of French baking and pâtisserie tradition go into every St Pierre product.


Our range centres on light, golden and delicious brioche – including Burger Buns, Hot Dog Rolls and Sliced Loaves. With a super-soft texture and a gentle sweet taste, St Pierre has become a much-loved brioche range around the world.

St Pierre Brioche Beef Burger

We have also created a wide selection of pastries and baked goods that will transport you to the boulevards and terraces of the City of Light. Lace-thin Chocolate Filled Crêpes, lightly layered Croissants and our indulgent On-The-Go treats bring a touch of Paris to make our customers’ everyday moments magnifique.

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*Consumer Sensory Hall Tests. Jan ’22. St Pierre vs leading competitor brands and private label (brioche burger buns & brioche loaf, N=206)

** Consumer Sensory Hall Tests. Jan ’22. St Pierre vs UK leading competitor brands and private label (brioche burger buns & brioche loaf, N=202)