St Pierre IDDBA Tradeshow Stand

St Pierre Groupe is an international market leader in the bakery sector and provides bakery products to the global retail and wholesale markets, as well as the hospitality industry and online retailers. Our products can be found on supermarket shelves and restaurant menus around the world, through more than 60,000 outlets including America, Europe and the Middle East.

St Pierre Groupe prides itself on the quality of our products – and product quality is a universal language. That’s why we’re always exploring new markets where our brands can answer a consumer need.

From South America to East Asia, our brands and products have a global appeal. Great bakery is something to be shared, so exploring new markets is at the heart of what we do.

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International Reach

St Pierre launched into America in 2014. St Pierre is now America’s number-one brioche brand and worth more than $100 million in the US market. Find out more about our American business by checking our Trade platform.

Throughout the UK, including in Manchester in North-West England where our global HQ is based, St Pierre Groupe’s products are stocked in.

St Pierre Groupe are sold on the shelves of various retailers across the Republic of Ireland.

Middle East
St Pierre Groupe launched into the Middle East in 2014 and since then, the company’s products are available in retail, wholesale and food service markets in the UAE. Between 2016 and 2020, sales of the company’s brands – St Pierre & Baker Street – in the UAE have achieved double-digit growth.